Optimal Thrive – week 1


Last month I signed up for Optimal Thrive. It is a course that is being offered by Swim Bike Mom (Meredith Atwood) on metabolic efficiency training. The quick definition of it is:

Metabolic Efficiency Training™ (MET) can be defined as improving the body’s ability to use its internal stores of nutrients, specifically carbohydrate and fat, more efficiently, through proper dietary and exercise strategies.

It spoke to me because I feel like we eat pretty well most of the time but I wanted a little more instruction. Not the “eat boiled chicken and veggies for every meal” kind of instruction but “here’s how to fix what you are doing now” kind of instruction. That and I can’t seem to drop weight!!

We are currently in week 2 and I can say that I’ve only kinda started things. At first I was annoyed at the trickle release of information in this course. Then I realized that all the other program I’ve tried give you everything at the beginning, and well, they obviously didn’t work. I’m attacking this with a lot more THOUGHT. Why do I make the choices I make? How is this providing nourishment?

If I keep doing what I’ve always done then nothing is going to change. So…here’s to making the right choices or better yet learning how to make the right choices!



Here we go again

Ok so I didn’t really fall off the wagon, more like kinda ran along side it. 

Post Gasparilla we had family here for a week and then I was gearing up for a big work week. 2 days of meetings in Orlando and our kickoff on Saturday. For my sanity I decided that taking some time off was a good idea. I didn’t want to force workout and I didn’t want to burn myself out. So, I gave myself 2 weeks(ish) off.

Tomorrow, it is back to work. Why do I always pick stupid days, like daylight savings, to make these choices. I have a 10 mile race next weekend so I need to come up with a plan for next week and after that. I don’t have any races until the fall, maybe I need to find some local short races. 

Back to morning workouts, nutrition planning, and generally being boring. Although, do you ever find that you are trying to lose weight and the scale won’t budge. You say f*ck it and do whatever and you lose weight? I mean it only last for a little but it makes you really question all the planning! 

So back to all the paying attention to life choices BS! Have a good week everyone!

Transformation Thursday – the difference a year makes

Last Thursday I was in Disney. I was chilling in my hotel room waiting for friends to get ready to go to dinner. I pulled up my time hop and a photo showed up from my marathon last year.

I remember taking this picture and being super jazzed to run my marathon 3 days later. I had been training and I knew it was going to be slow (I was hoping for an average of 14-15 minute miles) going but here we are. I also remember trying to tackle WAY too much. I wanted to get faster, I wanted to run a marathon, I wanted to lose weight. I was contemplating running races and triathlons. I was tackling A LOT! I also had a super stressful and unpleasant job. Too many not good layers here.

Fast forward a year later, and I have zeroed in on specifics. I realized that I need to focus on 1 maybe 2 things and that is it. I decided to losing weight and running. I figured that maybe losing weight and just running might lead to becoming a better runner. No more triathlons, no more marathons, no more super crappy job. I’m excited to say that I hit my first goal of 175lbs and yes, I’m averaging a 12:30 – 13:30 minute mile now for my runs. I was so excited to head to Disney for my half marathon!

Here’s the thing though. My parents blessed me with good self-esteem. Yea, I know that isn’t really a thing. However, when it comes to weight loss, I saw the number on the scale but not in the mirror. I was horrified when I hit 200lbs and how clothes fit but I never looked in the mirror and had a problem. It really wasn’t until Thursday when I saw the 2 pictures side-by-side that something clicked.

I mean I feel WAY better. I’m learning to enjoy better foods (damn you Reese Bells but hey it was Christmas) but I’m really learning portion control and meal planning. I still eat things I enjoy eating but in better forms.

I’m onto the next weight loss goal. The next goal is 155lbs so 20 more pounds. However, I feel like I’m doing it right this time. I totes over ate this weekend being a Disney, and that is ok. I remember trying to find a balance and when I got on the scale this morning, I had lost half a pound.

For once I’m excited to keep working on both the weight loss and the running. I’m enjoying finding balance and structure. I’m looking forward to creating a training plan and seeing how it goes! The first 2 goals are specific and measurable:

  1. Get to next checkpoint of 155lbs
  2. Run 3 days a week

Here’s hoping that I can hit goal 2. I sometimes have a problem motivating myself out the door in the AM! So here’s to the goals, the new things, and the new year!

I’m officially overweight


Sorry for the misleading post title. I know on here I’ve talked about losing weight. This week I got to post that I finally reached the 20lbs lost mark which made me happy. I don’t think I’ve ever very much described my process.

Last December I started working with a virtual trainer. She was helping me with meal planning and workout (sort of). However, after 2 months I felt like she wasn’t really paying attention to me. She wasn’t really looking at my numbers or food journals. I also had only really lost 5-8lbs and it was slow going.

At the end of February, I started working with a friend of mine who is a bodybuilder and personal trainer. I love her and she was obviously paying attention to me. I lost about 10lbs with her and then I plateaued. Then while trying to figure things out I started having stomach pains. I went to the doctor and they tested me for acid reflux and gallstones. Test came back negative for the gallstones so we went with acid reflux. I felt TERRIBLE. My body was telling me something was wrong or not working. I don’t know a whole lot but I know to listen to my body. I stopped working with her in May to figure out what was going on with my health.

Over the summer I started thinking it was impossible. I gained about 5lbs back. I was tired all the time. I felt sluggish. My workouts didn’t seem to be improving or getting any better. When I meet with my primary care they always say “I need to workout more and eat better” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It is so vague.

When I met with my lady doctor in August, we chatted about my weight. I mean seriously, if she were a primary care I would switch to her in a heartbeat. Their office has a lot of services for women which includes a nutritionist. They offer a weight loss program that is monitored by the nutritionist and the doctor. They use blood work and computers to help you figure out what works for you.

So, 1 day I after that appointment I scheduled a meeting with the nutritionist. I enjoy this program because I’m kept accountable. I have a plan but I get to decide what foods fit into the plan. Then once a week I meet, they collect data, we talk about it, and I can see everything. The nutritionist, the doctor, and I talked about goals. I told them I wanted to be healthy. There are lots of medical issues in my family history and I don’t want to end up like other members of my family.

So on 8/16/16 I started at 194.8lbs with a BMI of 32.4 and a fat percentage of 44.3%

Yesterday 10/20/16 I did my weight in and after 2 months I’m at 178.6 with a BMI of 29.7 and a fat percentage of 41.6%

Totals of -16.2lbs down, -2.7 down on the BMI and -2.7% of fat.

I know the BMI scale isn’t the best use of things but I am excited to be now considered overweight and not obese (hence, the post title). I feel good. This plan has really taught me about portion control on my own terms. I don’t have my usual mid-day slump and I have a good bit more energy these days. The pants fitting WAY better is just a bonus. I wanted to feel good and I am moving in the right direction.

So to look at things in a real setting. I can notice a real difference in my face. It doesn’t seem as “full” I also can look at some race photos from this year and really see a difference. Cause I know when I pose I try to suck things in but when I’m running I never remember to do it, lol.


Left is Jan 2016, Right is October 2016

I feel like I’m learning new life habits instead of short term fixes. I’m fixing all the bad habits that I was taught and really trying to fix things. I also feel like it really is personalized to me. I can see the data, it doesn’t lie. I get that the scales are there or the tape measure can see inches but those things are slow to move or easy to do incorrectly. I can see the percentages every week.

I guess this is a long winded way of saying trust your body, really listen to it. If a plan isn’t working ask questions it is your body! Maybe it is your body’s way of saying “this isn’t working for me” or “I’m not built for this”. Know what’s right for you and fight for it! Your health is totally worth it!

What have you found that’s worked for you? 

Back on the horse


I guess that works. Maybe I should say back on the bike? My 12 week training plan for Lycra and Lace starts next Tuesday. I haven’t had a real training plan in months so I’m looking forward to a little structure. After marathon training I was kinda burned out. I was hating my job and just tired. So, I stopped training for anything specific and just started working out. Mainly, Orange Theory 3x a week. I love it. However, I’ve finally got my running/triathlon mojo back!

I credit Orange Theory for this (and carb cycling) because I’m done about 12lbs and I’m feeling strong. Now I want to incorporate the sports I love back into things. I’m still dealing with some stomach worries but I’m working on listening to my body. At doctors orders I’m slowing working things back into my diet to rule out any food allergies or anything like that (super fun here kids). Since my In-laws were here for the week we moved and my parents were here all last week I threw my diet to the wind and enjoyed showing them some awesome Tampa food stops (and discovered a few) and just enjoyed myself. No weight change (woot woot)! Now, that I am done entertaining and being the hostess with the mostest it is time to get things back on track. I’m going to try the carb cycling again because I think it works well for me but I’m going to try doing it with some meat-free options in addition to the turkey/chicken. I’m also cutting WAY back on the eggs but not cutting them out. Apparently, eggs can seriously mess with your gallbladder (who knew).

I’ve started using my Passion Planner (more on that soon) and I love it! I was a little lost with goals and such and it has helped me. Like my 2016 goal of finally completing a 70.3! I’ve started working with Tri Equal (more on that later) and things are just getting back to where they should be! FINALLY!


The Orange Theory Mindf*ck


Ok, I’ve been doing Orange Theory about 3x a week now for 4 weeks. I love it! However, on Sunday I decided it was a total mindf*ck and I confirmed that last night! Why you might ask? Thank you, I shall explain!

Running wise I am a run/walker. This really doesn’t compute for Orange Theory. You are either a power walker, a jogger, or a runner (10mm or less). I was falling into a zone between the power walker and the jogger. Normally, when I had run on the treadmill I was usually at a 3.5 – 4.

4 weeks ago I took my first class. My base pace (easy pace) was a 3.5 on the treadmill. That’s what I needed to get into the “green zone”. NOW I need to be at a 4.5 (which is firmly in the jogger territory) in order to reach my base pace. 4 weeks ago my “all out” (max effort) pace was a 5.8. NOW it is a 7.4. Which last night I had to do 0.5 miles on the treadmill at a 7.4 effort. I HAVE NEVER DONE A 7.4 SPEED ON THE TREADMILL!!

Now, what you are saying is, “stop complaining you are totes getting better” and yes I am! Where I get to the Mindf*ck part is I don’t know if my body can handle me to push harder or if my mind is simply confused by the speed on the treadmill. Could I go longer and further at the pace? Am I simply clinging to an arbitrary number on a treadmill to dictate my abilities? YES, YES I AM! Was it hard, yes. Was it uncomfortable, yes! Could I make it work, YES!

Yet, another valuable lesson learned at the Orange Theory. I am waaaay to dependent on what I THINK my numbers should be instead of just pushing myself.

This post is in no way sponsored I just love the class (not saying that I would turn down a free month or some sweet gear, just sayin)! You should check one out in your area at www.orangetheoryfitness.com

Fat shaming Husband

This weekend was my birthday trip to Walt Disney World. We were going to hang with our friends, enjoy the Food and Wine Festival   Flower and Garden Festival and just enjoy. I had been really good at sticking to my diet during the day. There were only a couple of splurges but HEY it was my birthday.

Then, we decided to go to Magic Kingdom, at 9pm. We rode the monorail over and got in to see the 10pm Electromagic Parade. I wasn’t prepared for this. I wasn’t prepare for a late night. I didn’t bring a bag so I didn’t have my emergency clip bar and I was HUNGRY! If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom you will learn that healthy options are ridiculously few and far between. We finally hit Cosmic Rays. I was sure I could find one of those little orange or apple packs, alas! I caved and ended up with a small order of french fries (my first in weeks so the were stupid yummy).

We kept moving through the park and headed towards Fantasyland. Jon decided he wanted a funnel cake and Amber and Casey wanted a waffle sandwich. After waiting in line Jon got his funnel cake and I took a bite. As I was going in for another piece he pulled it away and said “didn’t you just have french fries? That’s a lot of fried tonight and it isn’t on your diet”.


I GOT PISSED! I stormed off and left him confused. When he finally asked me what was wrong I spun around and said something to the effect of “it is great to be fat-shammed on my birthday weekend”. He tried to explain that wasn’t what he meant. That it was really just his tone and that he doesn’t think I’m fat.

Now, smart Kim knows he didn’t mean it. Overweight Kim became very oversensitive. He spent the whole next day trying to make up for it and I eventually moved on. Honestly, though I didn’t. I had me really looking at every food choice I made. He even said that he should have been more sensitive to what I was trying to do because he didn’t need to eat that.

I’m glad it happened. I know he didn’t really shame me but before that happened I didn’t know I was so affected by it. So, I recommitted myself as I take my multi-vitamin and other fun things. I’ve signed up for 2 Orange Theory classes this week before event week kicks in. This whole mean plan thing is such a learning curve for me!