“Whole” Food challenge

Soooo the hubs has been a vegetarian for about the last five years now. I’ve toyed with it on and off but I would consider my self more of a Flexitarian. I eat mostly vegetarian, especially when I’m cooking at home, but I’ll order whatever I want if I’m out and about. Now, recently, IContinue reading ““Whole” Food challenge”

Fuel your better

About a year and a half ago Jon and I decided to go vegetarian. As athletes this was not a decision made lightly. It meant making sure we not only get the needed protein as usual but enough to fuel our athletics. Now as Jon has decided to become an Ironman and is doing aContinue reading “Fuel your better”

Meat Free athlete

So back in May my work sent me to the Animal Care expo in Nashville. Up until then I had been a meat-eatin, bacon loving, carnivore. Then I started talking to people who spend their days investigating the treatment of animals, specifically farm animals.  I saw a parts of a film called Vegucated (I haveContinue reading “Meat Free athlete”