Figuring out weight training and nutrition

So I have pretty much entered into my off season. I have a 10K in October that I am running but that is it. So I’ve decided that this winter instead of focusing on running I’m going to focus on weight training. I’m doing this for 2 reasons: 1) I need more upper body toContinue reading “Figuring out weight training and nutrition”

Training, training, training

Sometimes I feel like all I am ever doing is training. Wake-up, eat, walk dog, work, eat, work, eat, workout, sleep. I enjoy my workouts but this past week has truly felt like an effort. This week I may try to do morning workouts and see if I can make that happen. But I cameContinue reading “Training, training, training”

A letter to Triathlon Training

Dear Triathlon training, When I started working with you three weeks ago I honestly dreaded our time together. You are so much more demanding then half or even full marathon training. You require so much more gear to get into, take with me, or make sure is working. You require me to get up earlyContinue reading “A letter to Triathlon Training”

A 2 tri household

So today is Valentine’s Day. So it is kinda fitting that today’s post would feature the husband. I thought that living in a 2 runner household was difficult but living in a 2 triathlon household is even harder. Triathlon training requires a significant amount of time and commitment. I mean we both went from 2Continue reading “A 2 tri household”

Countdown to Disney

This time next week I will (hopefully) be celebrating having completed my 2nd marathon, the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Mickey Marathon. Apparently, my mental game has decided to come back, thankfully. Basically, I know I am under-trained but there is nothing I can do at this time. So, then my focus goes to TriathlonContinue reading “Countdown to Disney”