Work and Workouts

Monday I started my new job. Which means adjusting everything to a new schedule. Who am I kidding? I started a work from home job, which I love, but that means I have to remember how to be disciplined. Since I’m doing trainings for work and not really working quite yet it is hard toContinue reading “Work and Workouts”

Deadlines on goals are important

Oh man, thanks Cynthia, for the reminder! In this world of instant gratification it can be easy to forget about the long term in exchange for the “right now”! However, it is important to set mini goals and see yourself either succeeding or failing so you can know what to adjust! If you’ve been followingContinue reading “Deadlines on goals are important”

The Orange Theory Mindf*ck

Ok, I’ve been doing Orange Theory about 3x a week now for 4 weeks. I love it! However, on Sunday I decided it was a total mindf*ck and I confirmed that last night! Why you might ask? Thank you, I shall explain! Running wise I am a run/walker. This really doesn’t compute for Orange Theory.Continue reading “The Orange Theory Mindf*ck”

Birthday Stuff

I am officially 31 years old. I guess that is supposed to mean something? My birthday was pretty much just another day, except I added birthday in front of all activities. Yesterday was birthday hockey. Today was birthday workout and tomorrow is birthday Disney!! Yes, I will be wearing my birthday ears all around theContinue reading “Birthday Stuff”

Orange Theory epiphany

Last fall I took my first Orange Theory class. I was traveling a bunch for work so I didn’t want to buy a monthly membership cause it doesn’t roll over, so I bought the 10 class pack. I’ve been working out and I totally remembered I had these 10 passes so I talked to myContinue reading “Orange Theory epiphany”

Doms, Doms, Doms

Did anyone warn you about these things? DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness are a real thing! Is this like one of those pregnancy pains kinda thing? Like everyone knows how crazy painful it is but no one really talks about it or remedies? Or maybe they forget about the soreness cause they are tooContinue reading “Doms, Doms, Doms”

Big Goals equals Big Changes

I turned on Freeform yesterday while I was cleaning cause I’m actually 12 even though my birth certificate says I’m 30. I was happy to see Mean Girl was on cause A. Who doesn’t love that movie and B. I could watch it in the background of getting stuff done.  Then Regina kept saying somethingContinue reading “Big Goals equals Big Changes”

Lessons I learned from marathoning

  I’m officially retiring from marathons. The above image is true. I learned a lot about myself while training for my marathon. Now that I have retired I can share a few things I learned. – I learned that I can run many miles, alone, in the Florida heat. – I learned that it sucksContinue reading “Lessons I learned from marathoning”