Where did my stamina go?

Hey there all! Thanks for visiting today. Not only do I have the post for you below but I’m also guest posting on Running on Happy today! So go check out my post From the Race Director’s ChairĀ over on her blog, after you read mine! AND welcome any Running on Happy readers! So the definitionContinue reading “Where did my stamina go?”

#EquallyInspiring by Tri Equal

OK so we’ve announced it on Tri Equal’s Equally Inspiring BlogĀ so I can talk about it here now. I’m super excited to be volunteering with Tri Equal. The group formed right before I started working at IRONMAN. Since their cause is getting 50 professional women to the start line at Kona (IM World Championships) andContinue reading “#EquallyInspiring by Tri Equal”

Virtually dropped??

So back in like April my husband found this super awesome deal on a Tacx trainer. He couldn’t resist it so I gave in and we now own this pseudo virtual reality trainer. Understand, we are not hardcore triathletes by any means. Typically, I dislike the trainer but I enjoy catching up on movies andContinue reading “Virtually dropped??”

I’m so behind

Oh, yea, I haven’t posted in a bit. With my stomach issues and moving life has been crazy. Yea, we moved! Bought a house. The awesome tax lady said buy a house or have a kid…this seemed like less of a commitment! So, today in-between working and stuff I’m waiting for deliveries. Jon’s parents spentContinue reading “I’m so behind”

Global Running and Streaking

Oh, to say I’ve had writers block would be an understatement. Lots of stuff going on in life and this just kept going to the back burner! However, I’m a bit renewed and here we go! On Monday I decided to join in with the Runners World Memorial Day – Independence Day run streak. I’mContinue reading “Global Running and Streaking”

The MDot is not a mark of quality

ok, so this past week Beachbody announced a partnership with IRONMAN. Now, I know the product is a decent product. I think the Beachbody workouts are solid workouts. I have the 21 day fix, P90X and Insanity and think they are awesome. I’m sure these are good products. However, I’ve seen many friends who areContinue reading “The MDot is not a mark of quality”