Goals for the year – 2017

Since active seasons in Florida are October – April, I decided I should set my goals accordingly. I reached my 2016 goal in February simply because that was when my races were. So, my top 3 fitness goals are:

  1. Complete the 6 month plan in The New Rules of Lifting for Women

Yea, My plan was to start this yesterday but my dental appointment nixed that one . So, I’ll be starting this today.

2. Run a 2:45 half marathon

St. Pete run fest in November is my current goal race!

This is one that I have been chasing for over 5 years. My half marathon PR is from 2011 and it was a 2:48. I came so close in February but a headwind killed that. I’ll be spending the summer training and getting stronger to hopefully hit this goal by the end of the year/beginning of 2018. This is going to take actual planning and stuff! My goal race is the St. Pete Run Fest in November! Super excited about this inaugural race (and goal race). You should join me!!

3. Stick to eating less sugar

Blueberry picking

Ok, we’ve been trying to go sugar free but it is crazy impossible! The hubby and I have decided to go low-sugar, low-carb, less crazy! This means more natural goodies and less processed. It has been an interesting but enlightening experience the past three weeks! Hopefully, I will be able to say we are still sticking to this in 6 months (or more).

Here’s to sticking to focusing and striving towards these 3 goals. Thanking for joining me virtually!


Here we go again

Ok so I didn’t really fall off the wagon, more like kinda ran along side it. 

Post Gasparilla we had family here for a week and then I was gearing up for a big work week. 2 days of meetings in Orlando and our kickoff on Saturday. For my sanity I decided that taking some time off was a good idea. I didn’t want to force workout and I didn’t want to burn myself out. So, I gave myself 2 weeks(ish) off.

Tomorrow, it is back to work. Why do I always pick stupid days, like daylight savings, to make these choices. I have a 10 mile race next weekend so I need to come up with a plan for next week and after that. I don’t have any races until the fall, maybe I need to find some local short races. 

Back to morning workouts, nutrition planning, and generally being boring. Although, do you ever find that you are trying to lose weight and the scale won’t budge. You say f*ck it and do whatever and you lose weight? I mean it only last for a little but it makes you really question all the planning! 

So back to all the paying attention to life choices BS! Have a good week everyone!

A new goal and a new plan

So, the game plan was to train for the Donald Half marathon, ride that into Hot Chocolate 15, and then maintain until Gasparilla half marathon. Well that all got shot to hell when Donald got cancelled. A new game plan was needed. Let’s be honest, a new motivation was needed.

When Donald was cancelled, I planned on running the race the following week. Then it dawned on me that I had a race a week later and I didn’t want to mess that up, so I ended up doing a short run. So, I have a 15K this weekend and I hope to do well but yet again they are calling for thunderstorms. GREAT!

2017 medal

Now, I have 5 weeks until Gasparilla and 8 weeks until the Excalibur 10 miler. I need to put together a new training plan because right now I am lacking the motivation to get out the door in the morning. My original plan was to see how I’ve improved for Donald and then make Gasparilla my goal race. Now, I have to change it up a bit.

Time to sit down tonight and create a training plan and figure out life! I have some lofty running goals this year!!

Transformation Thursday – the difference a year makes

Last Thursday I was in Disney. I was chilling in my hotel room waiting for friends to get ready to go to dinner. I pulled up my time hop and a photo showed up from my marathon last year.

I remember taking this picture and being super jazzed to run my marathon 3 days later. I had been training and I knew it was going to be slow (I was hoping for an average of 14-15 minute miles) going but here we are. I also remember trying to tackle WAY too much. I wanted to get faster, I wanted to run a marathon, I wanted to lose weight. I was contemplating running races and triathlons. I was tackling A LOT! I also had a super stressful and unpleasant job. Too many not good layers here.

Fast forward a year later, and I have zeroed in on specifics. I realized that I need to focus on 1 maybe 2 things and that is it. I decided to losing weight and running. I figured that maybe losing weight and just running might lead to becoming a better runner. No more triathlons, no more marathons, no more super crappy job. I’m excited to say that I hit my first goal of 175lbs and yes, I’m averaging a 12:30 – 13:30 minute mile now for my runs. I was so excited to head to Disney for my half marathon!

Here’s the thing though. My parents blessed me with good self-esteem. Yea, I know that isn’t really a thing. However, when it comes to weight loss, I saw the number on the scale but not in the mirror. I was horrified when I hit 200lbs and how clothes fit but I never looked in the mirror and had a problem. It really wasn’t until Thursday when I saw the 2 pictures side-by-side that something clicked.

I mean I feel WAY better. I’m learning to enjoy better foods (damn you Reese Bells but hey it was Christmas) but I’m really learning portion control and meal planning. I still eat things I enjoy eating but in better forms.

I’m onto the next weight loss goal. The next goal is 155lbs so 20 more pounds. However, I feel like I’m doing it right this time. I totes over ate this weekend being a Disney, and that is ok. I remember trying to find a balance and when I got on the scale this morning, I had lost half a pound.

For once I’m excited to keep working on both the weight loss and the running. I’m enjoying finding balance and structure. I’m looking forward to creating a training plan and seeing how it goes! The first 2 goals are specific and measurable:

  1. Get to next checkpoint of 155lbs
  2. Run 3 days a week

Here’s hoping that I can hit goal 2. I sometimes have a problem motivating myself out the door in the AM! So here’s to the goals, the new things, and the new year!

Where did my stamina go?

Hey there all! Thanks for visiting today. Not only do I have the post for you below but I’m also guest posting on Running on Happy today! So go check out my post From the Race Director’s Chair over on her blog, after you read mine! AND welcome any Running on Happy readers!

How far is that exit?

How far is that exit?

So the definition of Stamina according to Dictionary.com is

the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.
“their secret is stamina rather than speed”
synonyms: endurancestaying power, tirelessness, fortitudestrengthenergy, toughness, determinationtenacityperseverancegrit

“I felt my stamina weakening”

If you ask Google endurance vs. stamina the response you get is:

The two words can be used interchangeably. They both mean “staying power.” However, stamina is more often associated with athletic power, the ability to run long distances, for instance, while endurance is associated with the ability to withstand hardship or suffering.

What I’m really working on these days is stamina. I’ve finished 3 marathons, I know I can do it, but can’t I do it well or better? I also didn’t realize that it would get harder as I lost weight. The weather here finally has become amazing running weather and I went out on Tuesday. My watch was clocking 11:30 but I couldn’t maintain it. It’s like my legs can do it now but my chest can’t seem to keep up.

I’ve been running 1:1 intervals. I’m starting to go to 2:1 to try and lengthen my running time vs walking time. This stuff is harder than it looks. My gate has changed, as well as my turnover. It’s like I’m finding my natural pace all over again.

Do they warn you about these things? Anyone else have/had this issue? Any suggestions out there?

Sometimes you just have to skip it


Ugh, I fell off the wagon(s) this past week. Saturday was my big event for work and since I work for charity it meant that my phone was ringing off the hook all week! It also meant that I had LOTS of work to day leading up to the event. Since this was my first event (I took the job in May) I wanted it to be amazing so that meant it took all my time.

Which meant that my workouts took a back burner. Which happens sometimes. No real biggie. Then my weekend run got skipped. Why? Saturday I got up at 4:30 to get everything together, pack the car, and meet the tent people. Due to our after-party I finally got home around 9pm. To say it was a long day is an understatement. However, in my not paying attention all day I forgot to reapply sunscreen. Which meant I got a HORRIBLE sunburn on my face. I mean I don’t need medical attention or anything it just hurts!

I woke up around 1am SUPER thirsty and my face just emanating heat. I knew I was dehydrated! So I went to the kitchen and got an icepack and a gatorade. I finally got back to sleep on the couch around 3. Thankfully, I had bailed on the running group at 6pm the night before cause that wasn’t happening.

I am thankful that I know when to listen to my body. That run on Sunday would have been a horrible idea. It would have made things worse. Now that I say that time to get dressed and head out for my Tuesday morning run in an attempt to get back on the horse, those half marathon goals won’t get themselves! Just remember if you are feeling tired and run down sometimes it is ok to just SKIP IT!

Where my 90's kids?

Where my 90’s kids?

No 70.3 for me

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to try again to tackle my first 70.3 or half ironman (I had to cancel my 2015 attempt at 70.3 Haines City due to working for IM). I’m not sure why I wanted to do this. I think because I will actually train if it is something new or out of my comfort zone. I dunno, I think it helps me to push myself. This was back in April.

It is now September and I have decided I don’t want to do that. There are a number of reasons.

1. I’m really focusing and doing well with my weight loss journey (that’s another post for another day). I’m almost to the 20lbs lost mark and I don’t want to lose my focus.

2. Jon is already training for some half’s next year and to be honest longer distances are more expensive and adulting has really hit our budget (hello new roof).

3. The main reason, I don’t want to train out of fear!

I believe there is a difference between training for a goal that is slightly unattainable and training for something to desperately beat the cutoff times. Some people may be motivated by the latter but I just can’t see spending $200+ (again, adulting) for something I know I likely will not finish.

– I am not a good swimmer. Actually, I hate the swimming part. Marine life freaks me out. Getting punched in the face freaks me out, generally the swim portion freaks me out. I can do it but not really well!

– I’m an ok biker. Right now I average about 13.5 speed when riding. If I dedicated myself I could probably get a bit faster. However, with a crappy swim, I’d need an amazing bike and now we are looking at 2 things to work on.

– I’m a slow runner. I’m ok with this. I like my intervals. I’ve been training and over the last year have gone from a 15mm to a 13mm average and this is great! However, for a half distance with no buffer time from the swim or the bike this could mean doom. We are now at 3 not so great areas.

– I rock at transition. Just wanted to throw it out there. I’m amazingly fast at transitioning from each one. If I could gain a bunch of time on this I’d be awesome! I can’t so this is a moot point.

I have learned, through marathon training, that I do not get motivated by fear. I actually shut down pretty hard. If I think I won’t make a cutoff or if I’m going to get pulled I would rather quit than push harder. I don’t know why but this is just me. So, while I’m training, if it seems hopeless I’m going to throw in the towel. Maybe this is because I don’t really have a training buddy or whatnot but that’s where I am. I like those just slightly unattainable goals. If they are too far to be reached I just won’t reach them! I’ll find excuses and I don’t like that.

So, for 2017, I plan on focusing on getting to a healthy weight and improving my running! I think that those 2 goals are enough for me. This doesn’t mean I won’t do some local short distance triathlons (and there is nothing wrong with not moving up) but I think I have enough to push myself with already! And this is a lot less stressful!