I’m so behind

Oh, yea, I haven’t posted in a bit. With my stomach issues and moving life has been crazy. Yea, we moved! Bought a house. The awesome tax lady said buy a house or have a kid…this seemed like less of a commitment! So, today in-between working and stuff I’m waiting for deliveries. Jon’s parents spentContinue reading “I’m so behind”

The training plan

Over the last year I’ve really been trying to find where my motivation went. I just haven’t been enjoying my training like I used to. After some in-depth conversations with the hubby I realized that when I got into running it became a social thing. I always had a running partner or group or clubContinue reading “The training plan”

Training, training, training

Sometimes I feel like all I am ever doing is training. Wake-up, eat, walk dog, work, eat, work, eat, workout, sleep. I enjoy my workouts but this past week has truly felt like an effort. This week I may try to do morning workouts and see if I can make that happen. But I cameContinue reading “Training, training, training”

Countdown to Disney

This time next week I will (hopefully) be celebrating having completed my 2nd marathon, the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Mickey Marathon. Apparently, my mental game has decided to come back, thankfully. Basically, I know I am under-trained but there is nothing I can do at this time. So, then my focus goes to TriathlonContinue reading “Countdown to Disney”