Dunedin Rotary Triathlon race recap

This race was something else. This was my first real sprint triathlon in 2 years. I did the Lycra and Lace triathlon but the swim wasn’t really all that much. This was real. The conditions of this race ended up being worse than the Baltimore Triathlon 5 years ago that I DNF. Jon and IContinue reading “Dunedin Rotary Triathlon race recap”

Proud to be a weekend warrior!

One of the reasons I love the sport of triathlon is that the people are incredibly nice. Its one of the only sports where age-groupers are mingling and racing with professional and semi-professional athletes. These pro athletes are also genuinely nice and supportive of anyone actually out there racing with them. I’ve been on coursesContinue reading “Proud to be a weekend warrior!”

Iron Girl Columbia Recap

Ok it has been a little over a week since my first sprint triathlon, the Iron Girl Columbia. I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted to say in my recap. To be honest, as excited as I was to finish I was bummed about my time. I guess more on that later. To start,Continue reading “Iron Girl Columbia Recap”