It is race week

Yep, my last 2 weeks have been super busy but today starts the super crazy ridiculous time! Did you know those races you run don’t just appear out of thin air? They take months of planning and days of setup all for 4 hours of activity. I’ve had meetings with city officials, answered lots ofContinue reading “It is race week”

Race Directors are people too!

Hey! Do you remember that time you signed up for a race? Do you remember that time you trained for 3 – 8 months preparing for your A race? Do you remember how you did all the prep, planning, and training and then on race day something went wrong and it just wasn’t your best?Continue reading “Race Directors are people too!”

Certified Race Director

So I’m working on my final test to submit to become a certified ¬†USAT Race Director. I completed the classes last week and I am very excited. Want to meet my class of fellow race directors? I got to meet a lot of other race directors, learned a lot of tips and tricks, and gotContinue reading “Certified Race Director”

More than sport

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to attend a charity dinner with speaker and Ironman Chris Lieto. It was hosted by a local running shop Spark Running and proceeds went to Chris Lieto’s charity More than Sport. Chris’s speech was about finding your passion and going for it. He gave 4 tips on succeedingContinue reading “More than sport”