It is race week

Yep, my last 2 weeks have been super busy but today starts the super crazy ridiculous time! Did you know those races you run don’t just appear out of thin air? They take months of planning and days of setup all for 4 hours of activity. I’ve had meetings with city officials, answered lots ofContinue reading “It is race week”

5 races in 6 weeks

So – I love technology! I set this to post last Friday while I was away and sadly it did not post! So my Friday Five is now a Tuesday Travel! Enjoy!! I have been traveling a CRAZY amount over the last few weeks. Anyone who says “I wish I could travel more for work”Continue reading “5 races in 6 weeks”

Directing your first “real” 5K

For work I decided at the beginning of the year I wanted to start an Endurance Series. I work at an SPCA and running with your dogs is a big thing here! I figured why not combine the 2. We offer a Walk for the Animals so I incorporated a 5K into that. We hadContinue reading “Directing your first “real” 5K”