Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic race recap

If I’m honest, I’ve sat down to write this race recap a few times since last Saturday. Im usually stoked or annoyed at races so it’s easy to write. This one is a little more grey! I guess we will start at the beginning and see how it goes. We decided to make a tripContinue reading “Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic race recap”

Proud to be a weekend warrior!

One of the reasons I love the sport of triathlon is that the people are incredibly nice. Its one of the only sports where age-groupers are mingling and racing with professional and semi-professional athletes. These pro athletes are also genuinely nice and supportive of anyone actually out there racing with them. I’ve been on coursesContinue reading “Proud to be a weekend warrior!”

Let the Olympic training begin

It is official! I am now 12 weeks out from my first Olympic triathlon. Training begins today! I started off well with a track workout this morning (not in the plan) and tonight I’d do a 50 min bike ride! To be honest I’m a little terrified of this race. When I signed up thereContinue reading “Let the Olympic training begin”