Let’s talk 2-a-days

It is week 2 of 16 for my training towards Rev3 Williamsburg. Basically, every week has 4 days that include 2 workouts a day. This means the last 2 weeks I’ve been trying to change my entire life! I’ve had to really buckle down with scheduling and meal planning. I have very little room forContinue reading “Let’s talk 2-a-days”

You know what, I’m lazy

Ok, so here’s the deal. I had a 1 month off season, ok a little more than that but basically a month. I thought I was doing a 12-week triathlon training program but apparently my coach wants 16 weeks so alas, 1 month off! It’s cool. Except, I learned something on my little month(ish) hiatus.Continue reading “You know what, I’m lazy”

Dedication not motivation

So to say I fell off the wagon this winter would be an understatement. However, I think I really needed it. I needed to shutdown. I needed to regroup and really remember why I started running to begin with. Why was it not as satisfying as it used to be? Why was it not aContinue reading “Dedication not motivation”

Review, regroup, and re-plan!

I’m admitting now, for the world to see, I am a slacker. In late March my co-worker left for a family issue. 3 weeks later she resigned. This means that I now have all of her work PLUS all of my work (well most, I have an amazing co-worker helping with some also). Insert screwedContinue reading “Review, regroup, and re-plan!”

Sometimes it isn’t just about you anymore

Sometimes I am truly amazed at the caring and depth of my husband. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been a little depressed. Between the crap at work and the injury keeping me from running I’ve just been downing on myself. I was looking at everything badly. That’s when he gave me my motivationContinue reading “Sometimes it isn’t just about you anymore”

What is your possible?

As a #sweatpink ambassador they ask you to submit your “aha moment”. I had never really thought about it. Sorry I’m not going to share it here, they will post it! However, it made me stop and think. How far do I think I can push myself? How much is possible? I think whatever IContinue reading “What is your possible?”