Apple Cider Vinegar

Part of my new meal plan includes apple cider vinegar. Every morning when I wake up I have to drink 16oz of water, 2tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 2tsp of lemon juice. I have to tell you This. Tastes. Like. CRAP! There is nothing good about how this tastes. What’s that quote from Harry PotterContinue reading “Apple Cider Vinegar”

Meal Plan Monday

So I posted a few days ago that I fell “off the wagon” and was going to get my act together! Insert meal planning and prepping. I posted a couple of those photos on instagram and got a couple of questions on what I was planning. DING DING DING this blog post was born. IContinue reading “Meal Plan Monday”

Why does it have to be planned?

I feel like 2015 is the year of “planning”. Meal planning what you are going to make for the week. Meal planning what you are going to eat each day of the week. Meal planning what your family will eat, what your dog will eat, what your children (should you have them) 3 years fromContinue reading “Why does it have to be planned?”

Meal Planning…take 1

Ok so since I accepted the challenge to plan out our weekly meals I started today. Last night I created a spreadsheet to use to track food and training! I’ll share in case anyone else could use some help!!   In case you would like a pdf version of it…here you go!¬†Meal & Training PDFContinue reading “Meal Planning…take 1”

The Food Challenge

So I happen to be one of those only children who decided to marry another only child. This is usually awesome cause the other understand when you just need your own time or space. We can have our own activities and our own friends. However, this can sometimes backfire. Shockingly, our largest fights tend toContinue reading “The Food Challenge”