Runner’s Burnout…yep its a real thing

Yep, folks that’s what I have alright, runner’s burnout. I don’t even have it just a little bit! I have full-blown, I have no desire to run ever again because running sucks burnout! How did this happen you might ask? How did an avid runner come to the conclusion that she never wants to runContinue reading “Runner’s Burnout…yep its a real thing”

Where is the off-season?

Right about now Northern runners, triathletes, and the like are gearing down for a winter of easy workouts and a leaner schedule. Here is Florida most people have the summer of easier schedules and a winter filled with races. Somehow, with the move, I missed both of these off-seasons. I started training for 70.3 Haines CityContinue reading “Where is the off-season?”

Tri-Talk Tuesday – Off Season

Is there really an off-season? In February of 2015 we made the big move to Florida. We got here just in time for all the races to be finished and there were really only 5K’s left. It was weird to know that we had missed Florida racing season and now we were going to missContinue reading “Tri-Talk Tuesday – Off Season”

Thoughts from a 15min miler

Today the coach had me running 60 minutes progressive run. Which means I had to start off slow and have each lap get faster. So I went out with the hubby to join our local run club for the Saturday morning run. I had to do 60 minutes; He had to do 6 miles…same timeContinue reading “Thoughts from a 15min miler”