Rescheduled Races

IRONMAN Maryland was on October 3rd, 2015. Then disaster struck and flooded out the course. Now, for the first time in IRONMAN history they have RESCHEDULED a race. What this means is I’ve had a few months of dealing with a husband training for his big IRONMAN race and then a giant pause. Now we’veContinue reading “Rescheduled Races”

Unveiling the Tribox

So I was very excited the other day to find out I was selected to be a Runnerbox Ambassador, but would also be reviewing the Tribox. I’ve received the Runnerbox before back when they started out to review (through a team) and as a gift.  They are great!! They have little sample of different thingsContinue reading “Unveiling the Tribox”

the little things add up

So since we really got into triathlons last year and have upped our games this season I’ve been making a list of all the things I need to stock up on for races. I’m actually in the process of making boxes of specific items that will travel with us to races (post on that coming soon).Continue reading “the little things add up”

Fuel your better

About a year and a half ago Jon and I decided to go vegetarian. As athletes this was not a decision made lightly. It meant making sure we not only get the needed protein as usual but enough to fuel our athletics. Now as Jon has decided to become an Ironman and is doing aContinue reading “Fuel your better”

Figuring out weight training and nutrition

So I have pretty much entered into my off season. I have a 10K in October that I am running but that is it. So I’ve decided that this winter instead of focusing on running I’m going to focus on weight training. I’m doing this for 2 reasons: 1) I need more upper body toContinue reading “Figuring out weight training and nutrition”