Here’s to 2018

I’m sitting here, in Florida, in January, bundled up. 2018 is starting out as SUPER cold. Tonight’s wind chill is 30 degrees….Florida is drunk. However, it did allow me to start off the year with a really badass ride! 2018 is also a big year for me as an ambassador. I’m excited to be onContinue reading “Here’s to 2018”

Aug Tribox from Runnerbox

In June I became an ambassador for Runnerbox. I thought it would be fun to get to try out some products but to be honest I’m actually excited to see what I get in the box each month! Yea, I love me a good grab bag! In this month’s box: Primal Sport Mud Trail RunnerContinue reading “Aug Tribox from Runnerbox”

Unveiling the Tribox

So I was very excited the other day to find out I was selected to be a Runnerbox Ambassador, but would also be reviewing the Tribox. I’ve received the Runnerbox before back when they started out to review (through a team) and as a gift. ¬†They are great!! They have little sample of different thingsContinue reading “Unveiling the Tribox”