Trading the tv for healthy eating

Recently, we got a letter from our cable provider that the cost was going up. Let’s be honest, we pay far too much for tv these days but bundles, right! We started researching alternatives to trade in our cable but not sit in silence.


However, this got me thinking. What would I do if I wasn’t sitting around mindlessly watching tv? I mean, I am unapologetic about my enjoyment of TV. I’m not one of those people who pretends to hate tv but secretly watches it. I LOVE me some tv!

Then I decided I think I will trade tv for all the healthy eating I talk about doing! By healthy eating, I actually mean healthy cooking. For four years in high school I was a part-time culinary student. I LOVED cooking and baking! It’s amazing how quickly you forget those skills when you don’t use them. I mean It was 14+ years ago but still! I want to remember those skills and start to learn and create again!

Time to dive into research, cookbooks, and ideas. I think this is going to mean upgrading the pantry and experimenting again! I’m tired of being lazy and eating processed stuff! Anyone out there in cyber land have suggestions?



Optimal Thrive – week 1


Last month I signed up for Optimal Thrive. It is a course that is being offered by Swim Bike Mom (Meredith Atwood) on metabolic efficiency training. The quick definition of it is:

Metabolic Efficiency Training™ (MET) can be defined as improving the body’s ability to use its internal stores of nutrients, specifically carbohydrate and fat, more efficiently, through proper dietary and exercise strategies.

It spoke to me because I feel like we eat pretty well most of the time but I wanted a little more instruction. Not the “eat boiled chicken and veggies for every meal” kind of instruction but “here’s how to fix what you are doing now” kind of instruction. That and I can’t seem to drop weight!!

We are currently in week 2 and I can say that I’ve only kinda started things. At first I was annoyed at the trickle release of information in this course. Then I realized that all the other program I’ve tried give you everything at the beginning, and well, they obviously didn’t work. I’m attacking this with a lot more THOUGHT. Why do I make the choices I make? How is this providing nourishment?

If I keep doing what I’ve always done then nothing is going to change. So…here’s to making the right choices or better yet learning how to make the right choices!


Cruising while dieting


Ok so I don’t really call what I’m doing a diet. I don’t want to be on a diet. I prefer lifestyle changes or a general lack of “yum”, lol. I started my new weight loss and fitness journey back on December 1. Why did I start a these new choices the beginning of December one of the foodies months of the year? Mainly, because when I decided I was ready to do this I didn’t want to wait until Jan 1.

One thing I didn’t think about was our anniversary cruise in February. On Tuesday, Jon and I will celebrate 5 years of wonderful marriage (times flies kids). To celebrate we did one of our favorite things, a Disney cruise! However, the best part of a Disney cruise truly is the food. I would assume the best part of any cruise is all the food. So, how does someone who is trying to lose weight stay on track with all the temptation?

We did a 3 day/4 night cruise and I’m happy to say that when I got back not only had I lost a pound but I also had another inch in the middle gone. Now I don’t know if these tricks will work for you but here is what I did!

1. WALK EVERYWHERE! I took the stairs every chance I got. I had my vivoactive on the whole time and I clocked lots of steps. Our stateroom was on the 6th floor which meant for food it was 3 flights up. To leave the ship at port it was 6 flights down.

2. STAY ACTIVE – I had planned on doing the Castaway Cay 5K and I did do it. I didn’t skip it because I was tired. Or my bed was comfy. I even ordered room service to be delivered at 6:30am so that we could have coffee and food! I was ready!

3. EAT CLEAN – (Especially leading up to the trip) When I had the choice I ordered everything grilled. Most lunches I choose the fish because it was the cleanest choice at the buffet. I also tracked down the veggies. Which was actually harder than you think but I always had a TON of veggies at lunch.

4. PLATE TRICK – I can’t find the picture I took of the plates but they are HUGE! I remember when I used to fill those plates! However, I noticed the first day that they have a color around the inner outside. So, I never went outside of the white of the plate. This kept me to a normal plate size.

5. INDULGE – I didn’t deny myself anything I truly wanted (hello 2 Grand Marnier soufflés, they are serious like crack to me). Instead of skipping desserts I would split them with Jon. I avoided mixed drinks but did have 2 glasses of wine. We had anniversary reservations at Palo and I even had the most delicious Chocolate Soufflé. I stand by before I die I want to bathe in the Vanilla Bean sauce from Disney! 0509ZW_1496RW2.jpg

I’m glad I enjoyed myself while still sticking to my plan. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything or deprived myself of anything. Also, the gym facilities on the Disney cruise ship are top notch! If I had been on a longer cruise I would have utilized that aspect way more (ok so I didn’t use it at all this time except to go see what was there but no judging)!

I hope this might help anyone heading out on the high seas and trying not to add on 5lbs! However, if you are going to add on 5lbs please make it from the freaking soufflés.

A Fresh Start

So, the other day I wrote about that not so magical number. It still makes me unhappy! However, I sat down with my husband and talked about my concerns. I love that he is super supportive about these things! He was even supportive when I told him I had gone through the pantry and the fridge and threw out all the unhealthy, super processed foods. I did leave his ice cream but that’s ok cause I don’t like that flavor…only he eats it so no temptation there!

The planning begins now. I’m terrible at planning meals but I have a fun new chart to do. So my workouts are already scheduled for next week (6 of 7 days) and tomorrow I will plan out the meals for the week so that I can go shopping on Sunday (well since it is superbowl Sunday here in MD, GO RAVENS) maybe I will wait until Monday.

I have started today off the right way. I had 2 scrambled eggs, a cup of coffee (however, I’m not giving up creamer at this point), and 2 turkey sausage patties. I’m at home again today to finish up my online web classes for work so I have my crackers and hummus ready for a snack during the break. Then I will figure out lunch, maybe some soup since it is snowing here!

And because I love my pup, here is a video of his first snow adventure. Apparently, the dog that is afraid of water LOVES the snow!