Gasparilla Half marathon race report

Yep, I ran a half marathon on Sunday. I had signed up a long time ago because it is a Tampa race institution and I wanted to be able to say I had done it. I’ll be honest I was concerned because my pride and motivation was shot after marathon weekend. I also had notContinue reading “Gasparilla Half marathon race report”

Race Directors are people too!

Hey! Do you remember that time you signed up for a race? Do you remember that time you trained for 3 – 8 months preparing for your A race? Do you remember how you did all the prep, planning, and training and then on race day something went wrong and it just wasn’t your best?Continue reading “Race Directors are people too!”

Dedication not motivation

So to say I fell off the wagon this winter would be an understatement. However, I think I really needed it. I needed to shutdown. I needed to regroup and really remember why I started running to begin with. Why was it not as satisfying as it used to be? Why was it not aContinue reading “Dedication not motivation”

Rock N Roll DC Recap

So, I can’t even begin to explain the crazy that is my work life right now! With that in my I got my lovely husband’s permission to use his Rock N Roll DC race recap (from another site) here!! Please keep in mind that my husband is much faster then me so will always giveContinue reading “Rock N Roll DC Recap”