Friday Five – Florida Race bucket list

I’ve been really thinking about what races I want to tackle in 2018, 2019, and so forth. I thought this was a great time to compile my Florida race bucket list! Have you done any of these races? Any thoughts or suggestions? #5 – Donna Half Marathon ok, this one has been on the bucketContinue reading “Friday Five – Florida Race bucket list”

Friday Five – People who motivate me

So tomorrow is the IRONMAN Kona world championships. My office has been SOOO quiet because most everyone is on the big island! So in honor of Kona tomorrow I decided to talk about the 5 triathletes who inspire me! These are the people I actively watch and look-up too! They are approachable. I want toContinue reading “Friday Five – People who motivate me”

5 races in 6 weeks

So – I love technology! I set this to post last Friday while I was away and sadly it did not post! So my Friday Five is now a Tuesday Travel! Enjoy!! I have been traveling a CRAZY amount over the last few weeks. Anyone who says “I wish I could travel more for work”Continue reading “5 races in 6 weeks”

Friday Five – Fitness trends I’ll never try

So I follow a blog called You signed up for what and they always do this Friday Five link-up. So today I decided I would give it a try. 1) Jazzercise – Apparently this is still a thing and it is big down here in the Tampa area. I say big because I’ve seen at leastContinue reading “Friday Five – Fitness trends I’ll never try”