Disney half marathon recap 2017 – the year of the cheer

or my 0.0 half marathon! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts my Disney half marathon got cancelled. However, I did find the awesome above hat at the outlet when I took Amber and Casey to get cold weather gear at Under Armour. So, Amber and Casey were running the Dopey, Jon was running the marathon,Continue reading “Disney half marathon recap 2017 – the year of the cheer”

Birthday Stuff

I am officially 31 years old. I guess that is supposed to mean something? My birthday was pretty much just another day, except I added birthday in front of all activities. Yesterday was birthday hockey. Today was birthday workout and tomorrow is birthday Disney!! Yes, I will be wearing my birthday ears all around theContinue reading “Birthday Stuff”

Disney Marathon Race Recap

This past weekend I ran my third marathon. I also ran my third Walt Disney World Marathon. Amber and I did this one together. We did our first half marathon together and we completed the circle with the marathon. I can honestly say I never really found my “giddy up” for this race. I wasContinue reading “Disney Marathon Race Recap”

What I came back from Disney with…

Ok I need to write a marathon recap but I think I will do it later today. However, I wanted to share all the awesome (and not so awesome) things I came back from Disney World with. I think I’ll make a quick list. 1) A brand new Mickey Mouse coffee press. I tried itContinue reading “What I came back from Disney with…”

I am a Princess – Thanks Disney

Every so often Disney remembers that they can inspire people through film. A video that was recently released, does just that, inspires! It reminds girls and women and everyone is a Princess. Giving back is more important then getting, and everyone is Brave. This is the message we as adults should be reminding ourselves everyday.Continue reading “I am a Princess – Thanks Disney”