To race or not to race

So technically I’m signed up for the Disney half marathon this Saturday. However, I’m majorly on the fence about actually doing it. I’ve done this race multiple times so it isn’t new or anything. There are a couple reasons to my thinking: 1. You have to get there at like 4am for a 5:30a startContinue reading “To race or not to race”

Disney half marathon recap 2017 – the year of the cheer

or my 0.0 half marathon! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts my Disney half marathon got cancelled. However, I did find the awesome above hat at the outlet when I took Amber and Casey to get cold weather gear at Under Armour. So, Amber and Casey were running the Dopey, Jon was running the marathon,Continue reading “Disney half marathon recap 2017 – the year of the cheer”