Trading the tv for healthy eating

Recently, we got a letter from our cable provider that the cost was going up. Let’s be honest, we pay far too much for tv these days but bundles, right! We started researching alternatives to trade in our cable but not sit in silence.


However, this got me thinking. What would I do if I wasn’t sitting around mindlessly watching tv? I mean, I am unapologetic about my enjoyment of TV. I’m not one of those people who pretends to hate tv but secretly watches it. I LOVE me some tv!

Then I decided I think I will trade tv for all the healthy eating I talk about doing! By healthy eating, I actually mean healthy cooking. For four years in high school I was a part-time culinary student. I LOVED cooking and baking! It’s amazing how quickly you forget those skills when you don’t use them. I mean It was 14+ years ago but still! I want to remember those skills and start to learn and create again!

Time to dive into research, cookbooks, and ideas. I think this is going to mean upgrading the pantry and experimenting again! I’m tired of being lazy and eating processed stuff! Anyone out there in cyber land have suggestions?



Yay Power!

Good morning blog world! Today’s post topic is 2 sided (I love when things work out that way).

1) I am very excited to have not been without power for very long. Thanks to Sandy we lost power about 7pm on Monday but had it back by 3pm on Tuesday. WTG BGE!!

2) Is more the feeling of power (or powerlessness, is that a word???). I went back to work yesterday after a week of vacation (much needed) and realized that my heart just isn’t in it anymore. Once you have been told you are too valuable to promote, well then, what’s the point in trying? What is the motivator to be better or do better if there is nothing to strive for?

I started reading “The Happiness Project” and it is very interesting. I’ve been trying to incorporate some of her ideas into daily life. So yesterday when I came home early from work (no internet) I answered the necessary emails and then I cooked a pretty decent meal. I find when things just are not going my way, I cook. I’ve tried once to cook for a living but it just didn’t appeal to me. I prefer that it is my therapy. That’s also why I am a Tastefully Simple consultant. I love to cook so I love to sell the stuff!

Last night my therapy was Maple/Dijon Salmon (oven at 350. bake for 10 minutes. Mix 2tbsp dijon and maple syrup to taste and spread it onto salmon, bake for another 5 or until it looks done) Wheat organic pasta (so yummy must find more) and collard greens (boiled then sautéed in butter, oil, and bacon bacon (yay Tastefully Simple). I actually mixed the pasta and the greens together but kept them separate for the picture.

Yay food porn, lol


So what is your “get away” therapy?? I’d love to hear how others deal with stress!