Friday Five – People who motivate me

So tomorrow is the IRONMAN Kona world championships. My office has been SOOO quiet because most everyone is on the big island! So in honor of Kona tomorrow I decided to talk about the 5 triathletes who inspire me! These are the people I actively watch and look-up too! They are approachable. I want toContinue reading “Friday Five – People who motivate me”

#TYR Swim Tuesday – normal person style

Ok so this is my easy week as next week starts my actual Olympic triathlon training. However, with all the excitement the last 2 weeks of meeting some of my tri heroes I wanted to post this! Every week my husband and I compare our swim workouts to the workout that Andy Potts posts onContinue reading “#TYR Swim Tuesday – normal person style”

Team Challenge event weekend

So I had my first Team Challenge event weekend and it was amazing! I’m not sure I have ever cheered so hard! It is nice to finally be able to say I love my job. To be honest, I hope it lasts, lol. I can say that I have finally recovered from the lack ofContinue reading “Team Challenge event weekend”