Best Damn Race Review – Leftover 5K

Yet again this year we decided to do the Best Damn Leftover 5K. We did this race last year and I enjoy comparing year over year data. Also, this race is about 15 minutes from the house so no-brainer!

So, these guy typically do a really good job. I worked with them for Iron Girl for 2 years and I know they have skills…had skills? It felt like they kinda phoned in the details for the race this year. I don’t remember it being so far apart last year but this year anyone running 30 minutes or less started at 7:15 and 30+ minutes started at 7:55.

This is obnoxious because Not only did we have to get there early but Jon finishes in 20 minutes, then has to wait around another 60 minutes for me to start the race and run the race. I get the point to waives but this is a bit much!

Full disclosure, I wanted to hit 35 minutes. I decided to throw caution to the wind and line up at the back of the first group. I figured what’s the big difference between starting at the back of the fast folks or the front of the slow folks? Apparently, about 2 minutes before the start they announced that they were closing the finish line at 31 minutes and anyone after that would be a DNF. Thankfully, Jon ran back to tell me cause we didn’t hear the announcement in the back.


Annoyed I jumped out of line and listened to the announcer keep saying that “the finish line will close at 31 minutes, you must finish”. Imagine my surprise when they didn’t close the finish line until 38 minutes! They also got mad at the 30+ minute runners who were attempting to line up at 7:50 for our 7:55 run! Then they moved us all to one side so people could cross! I’ve never been so blatantly discriminated against at the start of a race.

Annoyed and hot (8am race starts in FL SUCK) I started my race. I stuck with my 1:30/1 intervals and tried to stay as steady as possible. I didn’t want to push too hard due to the heat and humidity. I also ramped up my Orange Theory that week and adding the race probably hurt more than it should. The did change up the course a bit this year and I like the changes. A lot less turns.

Well I didn’t reach the PR I wanted I still finished in 39:23 which was 3 minutes faster than this race last year! I’ll totally take a course PR and taking a minute off each mile! I like this race. I really hope that they make some needed improvements to next year. I didn’t see a race survey come out so I assume that they won’t. I know that since they keep this race cheap they aren’t really concerned about opinions but who knows, maybe they will be.

Post race photos 2016 (L) and 2017 (R)




Training Tuesday – planning


Maybe its not a marathon but it works!

So my plan this summer is to run a faster 5K. My 5K PR is 36:00 and I want to do better than that. The last 5K I ran was 39:00 so I’m going to try to cut 4 minutes off my last time!

The hubby is a coach, which sounds great except he can’t coach me. I say this to save our marriage. However, I went out on a limb and asked him for help. I’ve been doing Orange Theory and I needed to figure out how to incorporate it into my running schedule. I found a good Galloway plan and he helped me to figure out which days I could Orange Theory, which days I needed to rest, and which days to run!

He then went on a tirade of just run! My problem is that I don’t run enough. So that is what we are going with. Run more, train more, recover more, sit around less. Anytime it says speed work I’m doing and Orange Theory class. Anytime is says XT I’m going to power walk or cycle at my Orange Theory class. If it says run then I’m going to run. This should give me 5 days a week of workouts!

What’s everyone else planning?

Directing your first “real” 5K

For work I decided at the beginning of the year I wanted to start an Endurance Series. I work at an SPCA and running with your dogs is a big thing here! I figured why not combine the 2. We offer a Walk for the Animals so I incorporated a 5K into that. We had 200 people participate and it went well. I figured it would be smooth sailing…boy was I wrong!

I was very humbled by this experience! Permits, road closures, medical plans, t-shirts, registrations, packets, chip, oh my! It started on Friday when too many events collided. I sent one of my volunteers to run packet pick-up while I waited for UPS with the t-shirts. After an angry phone call with UPS I found out they were not coming and I’d have to go pick it up 45 minutes away! Not in my plan!

So after coordinating with my volunteer, my husband to go to the store, and grabbing Steph I was off to Landover to receive my t-shirts The truck was supposed to be there between 8pm – 9am….10:15 he finally arrives! Yay t-shirts were acquired! We drove back to the shelter to get the van that was packeted for the next day. When I walked into the office where everything was organized I found out that someone had PUT EVERYTHING AWAY. It was at this point I seriously considered crying. I found what I could and got out of there. I think I got home about 11 or so.

Next morning, at 6am I arrive at the trail to set-up. I open said van and start removing tables and tents. I got to remove the water and realize it isn’t there. I did find, however, boxes of water bottles (you know the plastic ones you sell not the ones you drink!!). I call my volunteer and ask her to stop at the store and get 5 cases of water. I send the husband out for a quick course run and mile marking!!

Believe it or not, it all came together. Everyone worked hard and made it happen! To the participants it looked like nothing was wrong at all!

So lessoned learned! Be nice to your course directors and be nice to your volunteers! You do not know the kind of hour, day, week, month, that they have had! I have a new found respect!



My awesome 5K graphic!!