Here’s to 2018

I'm sitting here, in Florida, in January, bundled up. 2018 is starting out as SUPER cold. Tonight's wind chill is 30 degrees....Florida is drunk. However, it did allow me to start off the year with a really badass ride! 2018 is also a big year for me as an ambassador. I'm excited to be on … Continue reading Here’s to 2018


A better you??

I read an article in the latest edition of Women's Running called " A Better You" It was basically all about why we fail at New Year's resolutions and how we can find success in achieving our goals. One of the suggestions from Tina Lensing (a mindset coach) was to choose a theme word for … Continue reading A better you??

Race Recap – Space Coast half marathon 2017

I've waited longer than I wanted to do this recap. Things got really busy with the end of the year approaching. If I'm being honest, this isn't my favorite race so I wasn't super pressed. This year I signed up for Space Coast half marathon because my husband was finishing number 5 of the Big … Continue reading Race Recap – Space Coast half marathon 2017