The diagnosis and the doctor

Hi out there in blog land. It’s been a long year so far. Let’s recap: 1. We moved from Tampa, Fl back home to Annapolis, Md 2. We both started new jobs 3. I was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis. 4. We bought a house and moved. 5. I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndromeContinue reading “The diagnosis and the doctor”

Lifestyle changes

I signed up for my first 70.3 how could there NOT be lifestyle changes? After a much too extended break from training, I’m back. However, my focus has been on trying to figure out my nutrition stuff. I wanted to find a way to correctly lose some weight that wouldn’t be hard to maintain whileContinue reading “Lifestyle changes”

Getting all the details

Back in May I had a large nutrition test done. I learned that in addition to some vitamin deficiency I was lacking in gut bacteria. A new probiotic and vitamin pack and I’m feeling like a new person! Again I say, never neglect your gut health! That being said, my weight hasn’t moved at all.Continue reading “Getting all the details”

Ultima Replenisher review

Disclaimer: I received samples of Ultima to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! We recently got the chance to try out Ultima Replenisher and I jumped at the chance. I mean, I live inContinue reading “Ultima Replenisher review”

Don’t neglect your gut!

For the last, I’d say 6 years I’ve been complaining to my doctors. It kind of went like this Me: “hey doc. I’m training for a (half marathon, marathon, triathlon). I’m not losing any weight and I’m tired all the time, even after 8 hours of sleep. What do I do” Doc: “I recommend dietContinue reading “Don’t neglect your gut!”

Beginning the sugar detox…again

Sugar (ah honey honey You are my candy girl And you got me wanting you) oops wrong one, but I love me some Riverdale! Anyways, sugar is my vice. Everyone has one, sugar is mine. I went to the doc last month and was like, “what gives?” I’m eating like a rabbit (vegetarian), I’m workingContinue reading “Beginning the sugar detox…again”

The Gasparilla Challenge

Ah, I love a good double meaning! This weekend I’m registered for the Gasparilla Lime Challenge (thanks Bibrave). I just didn’t have it in me this year to tackle the half marathon so instead I’m doing the 15K on Saturday and the 8K on Sunday. The real challenge for me will be accepting that I’veContinue reading “The Gasparilla Challenge”

Optimal Thrive – week 1

  Last month I signed up for Optimal Thrive. It is a course that is being offered by Swim Bike Mom (Meredith Atwood) on metabolic efficiency training. The quick definition of it is: Metabolic Efficiency Training™ (MET) can be defined as improving the body’s ability to use its internal stores of nutrients, specifically carbohydrate andContinue reading “Optimal Thrive – week 1”