Rudy Rydon Review

Disclaimer: I received the Rudy Rydon’s to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!



Ok, lets talk sunglasses! I live in Florida so my collection of sunglasses just keeps growing! They have become my new accessory of choice! So, when Bibrave offered the opportunity to test out the Rudy Rydons I jumped at the chance! Not only is Rudy one of my favorite brands, but their gear is topnotch!

I tested these bad boys out in all different situation! On the bike, on the run, in the rain! They definitely hold up! I tested the Rudy Rydon Carbonium With Impactx-2 Photochromic Clear To Laser Red (hdr) Lenses

check out that red shade!

They go from clear to red depending on the light you are in. I have to say I was seriously impressed. I’ve only ever had regular sunglasses. The boy has those ones where you change out lenses but that is WAY too much work for me!

Me before the above photo! Clear lenses!


They are especially great on the bike because conditions can go from cloudy to sunny in a hot second here!  All in all I highly recommend these sunnies! Easy to use and spiffy to look at! They’ve got a bit of a price tag but you can get 30% off right now using the code GODSPEED (expires 12/31/18).

Wanna see my little video review? Check it out here

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