I’ve had Boca Java before because they have pretty good holiday coffee. When I saw a post a few weeks ago that they were doing a Gilmore Girls line I went and bought it right away. They had 4 choices

  • Luke’s No-nonsense special – You can’t expect fancy from a guy who wears a baseball hat & flannel shirt daily. But you CAN expect only the best served at his diner. A medium roast coffee blend with a full-body, citrus fruit and honey notes, sparkling acidity, a clean finish.
  • Sookie’s Gourmet Blend – A flavored coffee that even an amazing (& quirky!) Gourmet Chef like Sookie St. James can appreciate. This gourmet coffee combines the fabulous flavors of vanilla, caramel and Kahlua. It’s so good you almost want to be “enscotched” in it.
  • Taylor Doose’s Town Meeting – When Taylor Doose calls a Town Meeting, the one thing every Gilmore Girl fan must have is a gourmet flavored coffee that’s smooth and creamy with just the right amount of toasted hazelnut. This meeting is adjourned
  • Stars Hollow Autumn Festival – There’s nothing like Fall in Stars Hollow and nothing evokes special memories like this pumpkin spice flavored coffee. If you like Pumpkin Pie and you love coffee then this is a coffee you won’t be able to resist.
  • Mrs. Kim’s approved dark roast – Even Mrs. Kim can’t bring herself to snub this dark roast coffee blend. A big-bodied coffee that’s intensely bold and flavorful. You break, you buy!

Ok, I’m not really a dark roast fan so I didn’t buy the Mrs. Kim’s blend. I have the other 4. So far I’ve had the Star’s Hollow Autumn Festival which is very nice. It does have a pumpkiny flavor to it but I wasn’t super impressed. This week I started drinking Sookie’s Gourmet blend and I have to say it is AMAZEBALLS! Economically I know I need to use the other 2 bags first but I am totally ordering more of the Cookie blend! So tasty!

I’m also saving the Luke’s Blend for the Gilmore Girl’s viewing party we are having! Yes, I love this show but I know I’m not alone!! If you are a coffee and Gilmore fan this line is for you! If you are a coffee fan definitely try it! If you are not a coffee fan, how do you function?


Ok, that’s my nerd out for the morning! Anyone else super excited??

Disclaimer – I totally paid for all the coffee. They didn’t give me anything or talk to me about this post. I’m just a nerd! However, I’m happy to do more coffee reviews Boca Java if you read this 🙂


Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

6 thoughts on “COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE

  1. I’m just now watching Gilmore Girls Season 1 on Netflix and am hooked! Not sure why I didn’t watch it years ago but am enjoying bing watching it all now when I have time 🙂 Love me some coffee so would love these!

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