Sometimes you just have to skip it


Ugh, I fell off the wagon(s) this past week. Saturday was my big event for work and since I work for charity it meant that my phone was ringing off the hook all week! It also meant that I had LOTS of work to day leading up to the event. Since this was my first event (I took the job in May) I wanted it to be amazing so that meant it took all my time.

Which meant that my workouts took a back burner. Which happens sometimes. No real biggie. Then my weekend run got skipped. Why? Saturday I got up at 4:30 to get everything together, pack the car, and meet the tent people. Due to our after-party I finally got home around 9pm. To say it was a long day is an understatement. However, in my not paying attention all day I forgot to reapply sunscreen. Which meant I got a HORRIBLE sunburn on my face. I mean I don’t need medical attention or anything it just hurts!

I woke up around 1am SUPER thirsty and my face just emanating heat. I knew I was dehydrated! So I went to the kitchen and got an icepack and a gatorade. I finally got back to sleep on the couch around 3. Thankfully, I had bailed on the running group at 6pm the night before cause that wasn’t happening.

I am thankful that I know when to listen to my body. That run on Sunday would have been a horrible idea. It would have made things worse. Now that I say that time to get dressed and head out for my Tuesday morning run in an attempt to get back on the horse, those half marathon goals won’t get themselves! Just remember if you are feeling tired and run down sometimes it is ok to just SKIP IT!

Where my 90's kids?
Where my 90’s kids?

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to skip it

  1. Yup. Sometimes things get in the way.

    Here’s a random bit of information. Vitamin C is helpful in your skin healing from whatever. This is why so many “repair cremes” have vitamin c in them. For me when I am sunburnt I will up my vitamin C intake and I do actually think it helps. Of course, could totally be a placebo but try it and let me know.

  2. Talk about hit the nail on the head with this one. I was right there yesterday in fact! Came off the high of a great weekend right to the lows of Monday blues! My body just needed rest and I took it!
    I’m also taking the vitamin tip and tucking it back for later! 😉

  3. Sometimes your body just reallyyyy needs a break! Sounds like you did the right thing! I’ve definitely had some of those days lately. I hope the rest of your week is awesome! :]

  4. Oh I am so sorry about the sunburn, that would be something anyone would overlook when they were busy like that.
    Missing out on running when we get busy, can I just say story of my life, LOL I wouldn’t worry about it, you can always start it back up, a few workouts or runs missed never hurt anyone!
    Hope this week is going great for you so far!!!

  5. Great post! There are times where life happens and training takes the backseat. I think it is better to accept it and move on. I didn’t always think that way, I would stress about it. However, I think it caused more issues than actually missing the training. You will rock the rest of your training!

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