I’m officially overweight


Sorry for the misleading post title. I know on here I’ve talked about losing weight. This week I got to post that I finally reached the 20lbs lost mark which made me happy. I don’t think I’ve ever very much described my process.

Last December I started working with a virtual trainer. She was helping me with meal planning and workout (sort of). However, after 2 months I felt like she wasn’t really paying attention to me. She wasn’t really looking at my numbers or food journals. I also had only really lost 5-8lbs and it was slow going.

At the end of February, I started working with a friend of mine who is a bodybuilder and personal trainer. I love her and she was obviously paying attention to me. I lost about 10lbs with her and then I plateaued. Then while trying to figure things out I started having stomach pains. I went to the doctor and they tested me for acid reflux and gallstones. Test came back negative for the gallstones so we went with acid reflux. I felt TERRIBLE. My body was telling me something was wrong or not working. I don’t know a whole lot but I know to listen to my body. I stopped working with her in May to figure out what was going on with my health.

Over the summer I started thinking it was impossible. I gained about 5lbs back. I was tired all the time. I felt sluggish. My workouts didn’t seem to be improving or getting any better. When I meet with my primary care they always say “I need to workout more and eat better” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It is so vague.

When I met with my lady doctor in August, we chatted about my weight. I mean seriously, if she were a primary care I would switch to her in a heartbeat. Their office has a lot of services for women which includes a nutritionist. They offer a weight loss program that is monitored by the nutritionist and the doctor. They use blood work and computers to help you figure out what works for you.

So, 1 day I after that appointment I scheduled a meeting with the nutritionist. I enjoy this program because I’m kept accountable. I have a plan but I get to decide what foods fit into the plan. Then once a week I meet, they collect data, we talk about it, and I can see everything. The nutritionist, the doctor, and I talked about goals. I told them I wanted to be healthy. There are lots of medical issues in my family history and I don’t want to end up like other members of my family.

So on 8/16/16 I started at 194.8lbs with a BMI of 32.4 and a fat percentage of 44.3%

Yesterday 10/20/16 I did my weight in and after 2 months I’m at 178.6 with a BMI of 29.7 and a fat percentage of 41.6%

Totals of -16.2lbs down, -2.7 down on the BMI and -2.7% of fat.

I know the BMI scale isn’t the best use of things but I am excited to be now considered overweight and not obese (hence, the post title). I feel good. This plan has really taught me about portion control on my own terms. I don’t have my usual mid-day slump and I have a good bit more energy these days. The pants fitting WAY better is just a bonus. I wanted to feel good and I am moving in the right direction.

So to look at things in a real setting. I can notice a real difference in my face. It doesn’t seem as “full” I also can look at some race photos from this year and really see a difference. Cause I know when I pose I try to suck things in but when I’m running I never remember to do it, lol.

Left is Jan 2016, Right is October 2016

I feel like I’m learning new life habits instead of short term fixes. I’m fixing all the bad habits that I was taught and really trying to fix things. I also feel like it really is personalized to me. I can see the data, it doesn’t lie. I get that the scales are there or the tape measure can see inches but those things are slow to move or easy to do incorrectly. I can see the percentages every week.

I guess this is a long winded way of saying trust your body, really listen to it. If a plan isn’t working ask questions it is your body! Maybe it is your body’s way of saying “this isn’t working for me” or “I’m not built for this”. Know what’s right for you and fight for it! Your health is totally worth it!

What have you found that’s worked for you? 

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

11 thoughts on “I’m officially overweight

  1. Good job for putting yourself out there and focused on figuring out what works for you in terms of getting to a healthier weight! I’m in a similar spot, feeling like I’m active but weight does not drop off easily. For me, it takes about a month of healthy eating with few cheats to get the scale to move in any meaningful direction.

    Assuming your doctor has ruled out hypothyroidism (i.e. Weight is the only issue, no fatigue or brain fog or other symptoms), then figuinrinn out if your body has any food sensitivities is a good next step. You may not be allergic,, but for me, I cannot lose weight if I am eating wheat. But a month of being gluten free and my weight can then fall off slowly. Other people often have reactions to dairy, eggs, so trying an elimination protocol may not be a bad idea.

    I’ve written a few posts as well on gluten free, metabolic efficiency, and whole 30 you may want to check out! Good luck!

    1. Yep, had all the tests and nothing. Giving up milk, most gluten, and sugar has worked wonders. Lots and lots more veggies and fruits

    1. I think it depends. I saw a nutritionist and she wasn’t helpful at all. This is a. Nutritionist following a weight loss program which I think is super different

  2. I remember the day I became overweight and I was so excited. Congrats! You put the work in and it paid off! I started a new fitness program and it seems to really be working for me. I have not lost much weight but I have lost 6% body fat. I have decided for me I am most concerned about body fat and not weight or BMI. I wish my lady doctor could be my primary care physician as well!

    1. Right, I don’t know what it is but those lady docs just GET IT! I agree with the method and I feel the same way. We track all of those numbers but its nice to know where things are falling, lol

  3. Have you heard about or read the book by Stacy Sims called “roar”? She is a very smart lady and I haven’t read the whole book but she talks about training and nutrition and really what and how being a woman has to do with that. You might really enjoy it and in the best of all worlds it might be super helpful. Just a thought.

  4. Good for you sticking with a program like that! I have a hard time eating healthy because I’m always on the go. I wish I knew a nutritionist that didn’t cost a lot that I could see about my goals- I know I really need to get more protein, but I don’t eat a ton of meat so it’s hard for me to get protein intake easily.

    1. Depending on where you are in FL I’m happy to give you the info on mine! My husband’s a vegetarian so I eat mostly meat free. Lots of veggie burgers, pea protein, black beans, and chickpeas. I usually do the meat items for lunch or snack during the day. It actually isn’t too hard. I’m also training for a half marathon and it hasn’t been effected by the meals at all.

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