0 to 20 or #womens100


This past weekend I went for a bike ride. This is the first time I’ve gone for a bike ride just for fun and not for some training reason! My friend Karen wanted to do the Rapha women’s 100  which from what I understand was a day to get women out and riding together! Works for me!

Now, I love the idea but I am/was no where near ready for a 100K (64 miles was what they were doing). I agreed to do 20 and thankfully the hubby agree to join me for the out and back. It was great. Karen, Jon, and I rode together and just chatted. We talked about the Tour de France, Ironman, work, Tri Equal, and all kinds of things. And while I wasn’t looking I enjoyed the ride!

We maintained an average speed of 13mph (which a year ago was my race speed) and when we got back to the car it was nice to see that my year off from triathlon was actually paying off. I’ve been focusing on getting stronger and faster instead of a race goal!

So thanks, Rapha for the confidence to get out on my bike more often and for a great 20 miles which will hopefully one day be 100K.


Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

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