Is your trainer right for you?



Back in October I decided that I wanted to take a break from training for races in 2016. MY weight has been an issue for me for a while and I realized I was only getting slower. I couldn’t focus on running, and triathlon, and weight loss, I needed to pick one. My theory was when you want to be a better runner you hire a coach. When you want to be less fluffy you hire a no more fluffy coach, or in this case a personal trainer.

I did a bunch of research online. I looked at the trainers actual photos. On their website, their instagram, etc. I read the testimonial they had posted. I talked to them about what I wanted and what I thought and I made my choice. She was super nice, she agreed with a gradual approach and making lifestyle changes. I choose the online version of training since she is 45 minutes from me and I liked the flexibility.

I can’t say it isn’t working I’ve lost 5lbs and 3 inches in my waist but that is in almost 3 months. I’ve voiced my frustrations and asked to be more challenged. I’ve asked to learn and grow so that I can maintain these choices. I’ve also asked for things earlier.

So far, I don’t feel challenged. I get my meal plan (sort-of) and workouts on Sunday which doesn’t leave me able to prep for the week. At what point are you someones way of making money or actually a client?

I was told I needed to track things on Myfitnesspal and my workouts. I’m not so great at it tracking but I’m also not getting any feedback on what I’m tracking. What’s the motivation to track if you aren’t getting any feedback? If I just wanted a plan typed in I’d do my P90X videos and save some money.

Once I started feeling this way I started questioning things. I had finally made the commitment to get healthy and make the changes and now I feel like I’m a part-time job. Soooo, I started asking questions online to some groups. I got the same general response – this isn’t right! Then I turned to my best friend growing up (who is a personal trainer) and we had a long talk about WHY it isn’t right.

I then got the lecture only someone who has known you almost 20 years can say, “Why didn’t you come to me?”. I felt weird working with a friend. What if I suck, what if you suck, etc. Then I got the sentence I needed… “you need someone to support you and I got you babe”. And that was it. I decided at that point to drop by current trainer and let someone who ACTUALLY knows me to help me. I’m still online training but now I feel safe and I think my changes will be for the better!

Never be afraid to do what is best for you and your changes!

Anybody out there ever had these issues?


Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

9 thoughts on “Is your trainer right for you?

  1. I’ve written a lot about my coach. You have to find one that fits you….I interviewed another coach before I worked with Becky and I just didn’t think it would work. Then I met Becky, and it just felt right. Even tho she’s not a running coach (and maybe that’s part of why it works), she gets me and keeps me on track. It’s been really awesome.

  2. I’ve had the same trainer for a long time (12 years!) You can find the right person for you that challenges you just the amount you need. We have to re focus and re structure every once in a while based on my training schedule. I would say if you feel something is missing for you it prob is. I would think I would not do as well with a virtual trainer bc for me part of the motivation is having him there to talk me through things and correct my form.

  3. You do need to find someone you can trust and who will work with you and your unique needs. It’s awesome that your friend can do this for you, and I think it’s almost better because you’ll have that added push to do good FOR her. I really love my Coach because she is supportive and she knows that sometimes I need to be built up a bit and sometimes I need someone to kick my ass. And I’ve done it totally virtually thanks to my schedule and have had no issues.

  4. Finding someone you “jive” with is so hard for so many reasons… One of the biggest issues I have with trainers is that many train on their level. I worked with a trainer who trained me the way he works out himself. I hurt myself so bad that I ended up in an orthopedic walking boot for about 6 months and still to this day have issues with my ankle. My husband and I recently joined a new gym and they offered the one free session with a trainer. I was so reluctant. I had that awful experience and then I had some “eh” experiences… But I wanted to be supportive of my husband so I said ok, let’s do the one session. I ended up LOVING our trainer and we’ve been working with her for a few months now, several times a week. We don’t do anything nutrition wise. I do that on my own. But I told her what my goals are, what my husbands goals are, she knows the problems we have (ie- ankle issue and my husband has some back problems) and she really really caters the work outs to our needs. I wish you luck on your journey! If you ever have time, please visit my blog

  5. How disappointing that you’re investing money in someone and not getting what you’ve paid for. As a running coach, I’m very aware of when I need to make updates for my clients and do my best to check in with them if I haven’t seen anything from them in a while and be proactive in asking for feedback.
    I also need to lose some weight to get faster (and feel better!) and it’s so tricky to do when actively training.

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