The loneliness of moving

I was never one of those kids that moved around. My parents weren’t in the military. They were never offered super lucrative jobs on the other side of the country. They never even had the itch to every buy a new home. The closest I came to “moving” was when they divorced and I had 2 homes but since I stayed with mom nothing really changed.

When I moved to college it was only 90 minutes from home. Far enough that no one ever wants to drive there but close enough that I could go home if I wanted. 

When Jon and I got married and got a place of our own we were still never more than an hour away from my family.

Now, in 2015, I live in Flordia which is many states away. Over the last year I’ve come to learn the loneliness of moving. 

Today while we are home for Christmas we are meeting up with friends for a run and then breakfast. I am excited about seeing them, catching up, and going for a run! Sadly, I believe the encounter will be bittersweet as the realization that we have to return to Flordia sets in.

I love Florida. I love the weather, the activities, my job, all of it! What I miss most from MD are the people. Driving through Baltimore yesterday I forgot how dirty and dreary MD really is. Winter doldrums really are a thing here in MD.

I guess by never moving or changing that I missed that lesson in making friends. I guess as kids it is just built in because of school. As an adult you have to actually put yourself out there and that can be hard. 

So today I enjoy the fact that I can and have spent time with some of the people I love most in this world over the last 3 days. Then on Monday we will return to the sunshine state and start the new year again with the goal to get out there and really try to make new friends!

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

8 thoughts on “The loneliness of moving

  1. I could totally see how moving can be lonely. I went to school 30 min from my parent’s and now live 35 min from them and friends. It would be so hard for me to move and have to make new friends (I am not good at that). Good luck with your new friendship endevour and Happy New Year!

    What part of Florida? I will be in Tampa/Davenport/Orlando MLK weekend for a football tournament.

  2. Moving and making friends as an adult is REALLY hard! I’ve done it 3x now and think I’m getting progressively better with each move. I’ve found the more uncomfortable I get and force myself to get out there, the easier it is to meet new people. What part of FL are you living in right now? I’m in Naples and would love to meet up if you are close!! You can email me if that’s easier 🙂

  3. I changed schools and moved a lot when I was growing up, but it was so much easier than moving as an adult! Making friends as an adult is a lot more work. I’m from the west coast and have been living in NY for the last couple years. I have some running buddies, but it’s tough to meet new people!

  4. Moving as an adult IS hard. I don’t know how people without hobbies do it. I guess I’ve moved a bunch of times in my life, and thank goodness for the internet for keeping in touch now. I’ve found that the best friends are the ones I make where I put myself out there and just decide to be myself. I found a lot of people through running, even more through triathlon. And even blogging has uncovered a few friends. (Though you aren’t allowed to replace me, FYI.)

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