The 14 miler

I am now in the prime training time for my third full marathon event. My A-race for the year is the Walt Disney World Marathon in January. My last two marathons had times just below the 7 hour mark. My goal is to hit 6:30 or lower.

This is a super ambitious goal for me. I’m happy to have found a fantastic trainer who believes in me and my goals! However, we just reached the first milestone in marathon training the 14 miler!  I think the 14 miler is that breaking point. You’ve past that half marathon point but you realize there is another 12 miles before you on race day.

For me the 14 mile run is usually the point that I start asking myself why I felt the need to do ANOTHER marathon. I mean seriously, I could have stayed at half marathon and been done by now but noooo I had to do a full marathon!


I don’t know about anybody else but I hate the training part. I mean can’t I just wake up race day and be ready to go! That would totally defeat the health benefits and all the glory but I fight the laziness everyday.

When you are reading this today I will be at or have completely 5:30am track workout because I have the desire and drive to get faster and be better. So here’s to all those other crazies chasing their speed dreams!!

What are you working on??

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

16 thoughts on “The 14 miler

  1. I love the Disney Marathon! My first and last marathon… If my body could handle more of those bad boys, I would do more, it was just a lot.. I’m working through a bad case of Plantar Faciitis that won’t go away..2 years and I’m working on speed work for more half marathons.. Training isn’t fun because you just have to dedicate some much time.. I just love to run when I want to run.. Disney races are a blast, I wish we could get to to Florida more!

    1. Yea people keep saying it’s fun, lol. I also love this race and I’m hoping to get enough buffer to get a couple of character course photos. I’ve never been able to do that

    1. Thanks! Yea I keep trying to think of the race as a reward for all of the training…hoping it works eventually

  2. Three Marathons?! You GO GIRL!!!! For me it was mile 17 during Training. When I hit Mile 17 I knew I could do the whole thing out of pure determination.

    At mile 20 I ate a fun-size chocolate bar to get me through the last 6.2 miles.

  3. I’m with you! I always keep thinking why do I keep signing up for more marathons. WHY!!!! I love the end result, but the training is what gets me sometimes. I curse myself all the way through it when I get to the upper mileage but I’m always grateful when I cross the finish line and know that all that training didn’t go to waste. Good Luck at Disney! It’s one of my bucket list races.

  4. Woohoo the WDW Marathon! I’m more of a PHM-er myself, but if I ever make it to a marathon, that one is at the top of my list! Right now I’m getting back into running after some injuries…one mile at a time. So it’s exciting to read about other people’s marathon training!

    1. I love the PHM it was actually my first half marathon! Good luck getting back into running. I’ve been sidelined before and it sucks!

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