Tri-Talk Tuesday – Off Season

Is there really an off-season? In February of 2015 we made the big move to Florida. We got here just in time for all the races to be finished and there were really only 5K’s left. It was weird to know that we had missed Florida racing season and now we were going to miss the Maryland racing season cause we were not up there. Essentially, my running and triathlon season were shot!

Fast forward to October. This is when things really get bumping here in Florida. All of a sudden things cool down (for Florida at least) and the races get started again. Apparently, everything in Florida in regards to racing is reverse from Maryland. My Iron Girl season of management may now be in “off-season” but my racing season has just begun.

On October 18 I have my first Florida triathlon, Lycra & Lace. Based on my sporadic triathlon training it could be quite a show.


After that my road racing kicks into high gear:

October 31 – The Great West Chase 5K – Westchase, FL. (5K challenge from the coach)

December 6 – Diva’s Half marathon – St. Augustine, Fl

January 10 – Disney Marathon (GOAL RACE!)

There are also a number of other races I have signed up for in early 2016 but more on that later. Are you gearing up or shutting down for the winter??

Thanks to Cynthia at You signed up for What? for the fun blog post link-up!

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

16 thoughts on “Tri-Talk Tuesday – Off Season

  1. I change focus through the winter. Less racing and more working on my weaknesses before I get back into race specific training. I think Lycra and Lace is put on by the same people that did Escape Fort Desoto (I did that one in April). Have fun!

    1. I think you might be right about the race coordinators. I hear that about working on the weaknesses! I’ve been doing the same all summer

  2. If you ask me, it’s better to skip a season of racing than pack too much into a year-round schedule and burn out! I bet you’re more determined and driven now to train hard and achieve those PRs. Good luck!

    1. Thanks and there is something to that thinking! It was weird to know there was no real goal race until December

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