5 things I did this summer

Every Friday some blogs I follow do a Friday Five link up. This week I liked the topic so I decided to join in! If you haven’t you should check out You signed up for what, Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar on the Run. I actually got the chance to meet Cynthia in person this summer and she is pretty awesome! So any who, onto my Five things.


1. Team SportsIMG_0613I joined a multisport team. They are an awesome and supportive team. With them this summer I have rode 10 miles, swam a mile (in the ocean) and even more. I’m very luck to have found Outspoken.

2.Running in the Heat

Β IMG_0698 (1)

I learned how to run in the Florida heat. I also learned how to run in the Florida heat and “almost” enjoy it. The run in definitely harder but it is very rewarding.

3.Spending time with friends and family


I spent quality time with family, old friends, and new friends. I’ve learned that it does take more effort to maintain friendships from a distance but if they matter than you make the time! As for new friendships, I learned that the internet can be a powerful thing. Without some online teams I would never have had the opportunity to meet Carleeh!



I traveled A LOT! I know I’ve done posts on facing my flying fear but this summer was huge! I went to places I’ve never been before and am SUPER excited about the places I will get to go!

5.Fitness Fun

I tried so many new fitness things this summer and I hope to try a few more. From actually following a training plan from a coach, to doing OrangeTheory. It has been a successful summer! I still really wanna try out paddle boarding! Maybe this weekend!

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

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