Iron Wife

So back in September I encouraged my husband to sign up for his first Iron distance race or a 140.6. We are now T-minus 2 months away from his goal race Challenge Atlantic City. I can honestly say I know now why the divorce rate is high for Ironman.

Between the complaining about training, the amount of training, the amount of food consumed, the constant changes to the daily schedule, and the training grumies! I was ready to kill him a month ago! Becoming an Ironman is a grueling task but honestly so can being an Ironwife! I mean I got really excited the other day when had a sale on Honey Stingers, I was damn near giddy. Why you may ask? He goes through a box of honey stinger waffler in 3 long rides.

Add this to the face that we are both vegetarian (well he is more strict than I am) so I have done a TON of research on how to get him the proper nutrition without animal meat. I have truly altered his diet and way of eating. For instance today he had 4 doughnuts for breakfast…NOT GOOD he totally got past me!

Keep in mind this is in addition to training for my own triathlons. Although, I have been promised complete support for my first Olympic triathlon in October.

I’ll be doing some more posts specific to becoming the ultimate Iron-wife/Sherpa-wife as well as fueling a plant-based Ironman. I mean my husband ate like a 12 year old in puberty before the race started now I feel like I’m feeding a small army! It is weekly meal planning on steroids!!

You can also follow his exploits on his blog – Tri Triple Threat – be warned it is very technical!

My Ironman in a race last year.
My Ironman in a race last year.

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

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