Weight Loss frustrations

I don’t know about anyone else on their weight loss journey but I am frustrated (and by anyone else I mean everyone else). I’ve followed most of the rules to get started.

1. Give up processed foods: With the exception of the occasional oven pizza, I have stopped with fast-food and microwave meals. We have been doing this for 1 month now.

2. Give up sugary drinks – I have given up soda for the last month. I’ve cheated a few times but this one was a hard one. I think this month I have had 4 sugary drinks total. Otherwise, it is water, tea, or in the AM coffee.

3. Give up sugar – ok I know Ive been bad about this one but I have cut back A LOT! We don’t keep sugary snacks in the house anymore. I think the problem I have had is ice cream. However, I’ve been eating it in moderation.

4. Increase lean protein intake – I’ve been trying hard to do the 6 meals a day but I have not been very good. My job sometimes doesn’t allow me to stop and eat. I’m going to try harder at this one! But I have added protein to my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at least 1 snack meal.

5. Exercise – this past week of sickness not included – I have increased to 3 -4 days a week of exercise. Including at least 1 day of weights and 1 day of cross-training.

And I have lost ZERO pounds! You would think maybe I would have lost at least 2 or 3 just on the food part alone but NOTHING! So now I think it is time to get the doctor involved. I’m going to start tracking on myfitnesspal.com starting today. So that I have the proof. I’ve been saying for years that I have a thyroid issue and they don’t listen but now I think it is time.

So if you are on myfitnesspal feel free to come find me I’m “plutogal” and join me! Hope your weight-loss journey isn’t as frustrating as mine!

How is your weight loss journey going? Any tips or suggestions?

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss frustrations

  1. Keeping track of calories is a fantastic idea, that’s what I did when I was losing weight (and should probably start again). It’s easy to underestimate how much we eat and overestimate how much we burn. Be sure your workouts are high-intensity. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘cross-training’. You might want to try 2 days of strength & 2 of cardio and try to do something on the off days, even if it’s just a walk at lunch time. Give meal tracking & try let us know how that goes!

  2. it sounds like youre doing everything right! my advice would be to watch the portions and definitely have the doctor look into things, because it seems as if you are on the right track! Stay positive and keep working hard!! spa love!

  3. It’s hard! I’ve been at it for a few months now, and it’s a slow process (when you’re not aiming to starve yourself). Keep at it and definitely track calories and portion size. However it’s also a great idea to check with your dr!

    good luck!

  4. Just started following your blog recently but I totally understand. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago by going on “the F-Factor” diet. Basically it boils down to cutting the sugar (which you’ve been doing), but then also adding in more fiber. We’re supposed to get at least 30-35g each day. That’s the kicker. The fiber helps BIG TIME.
    Another tip, I never noticed how much sugar is in everything we eat. Take out the sugary snacks and desserts…. Now look how much sugar is in your OJ, yogurts, healthy cereals, protein bars etc. Even if you cut back on what you know, all the other things add up.
    Sorry for the mini novel, but I hope that helps a little! 🙂

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