Miracles and Puppies

Ok, I know I complain a lot about my job. Mostly, about my lack of job fulfillment. However, every so often I get reminded why working at an animal shelter can be totally awesome. Sometimes we get to watch really cool things happen. Like on Saturday when we had 5 puppies born here. Or today when I say with mamma curled up on my lap just enjoying a little cuddle time away from the pups! So hopefully everyone finds something happy about their day today and maybe you can even witness a miracle!

First puppy being cleaned
5 pups total

P.S. These pups are not up for adoption at this time. Please do not ask about that! And no I can not help you adopt them! Thanks!!

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

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