2 weeks to go

The Annapolis 10 miler is officially 2 weeks away. This is a race I have been avoiding for a number of years now. It is always the last weekend in August which means it is super crazy hot! Not to mention that you have to run over the Naval Academy bridge twice, they had to change the course this year but it still has that darn bridge. Actually pretty much every race in Annapolis has this bridge at some point, so I guess it is unavoidable.

I’m running this race on my own, which means my RP in crime, Megan, is not running it. This means I will be pushing myself! Not that I don’t usually try but for a race like this, with the typical heat, that is a hard pill to swallow. However, I have promised myself that if I can PR this distance, I will get a new Sparkleskirt! I have been eying up the Red Peacock skirt so this gives me some motivation.

Pretty ain’t it??

So with all that in mind, I have 10 miles on the calendar for tomorrow. I get a taper week next week and then the big race. I’ve been adding biking and swimming into my weekly routine the past 2 weeks and I’m hopeful that will have an impact on my race speed!

And for a little extra motivation, I saw this video from Nike called “Voices” and very empowering video for women. I actually had a little moment watching it! Thanks Nike for the inspiration to be tough and get out there and go! Have a look for yourself!

Published by Kim Teter

I am a 35 year old living in Maryland. I'm trying to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and actually having a life.

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