Raggy! It’s a rurtural race!

Jinkies! Have you ever run a virtual race before? I've done one before but nothing like this 2 month shindig! Plus, you can do it with or without your pup! Totes your choice! Here's how it works! Go to Scoobydoorun.com Select the Doo Good 5K (September), the Scoobtober 5K or 10K (October) or the Challenge … Continue reading Raggy! It’s a rurtural race!


Getting all the details

Back in May I had a large nutrition test done. I learned that in addition to some vitamin deficiency I was lacking in gut bacteria. A new probiotic and vitamin pack and I'm feeling like a new person! Again I say, never neglect your gut health! That being said, my weight hasn't moved at all. … Continue reading Getting all the details